Monday, April 29, 2013

Guess who I saw????

I spent a wonderful brunch on Saturday and met my dear friend, her hubby, and her son's girlfriend.  My Hubby and I drove to a few town's over and met up with them before they flew back to Arizona, where they live.  I didn't get to see Vicki last year, because of my health issues, but am so glad we were able to do this again though!  They were in the area to get their son graduating from the Naval Base.  Congrats to the new Sailor!!!!

Here are the old friends!!! Yes, this is great Kenosha News!


Donna Hanley said...

Hi Karen, It's always nice to catch up with old friends, isn't it? I'm very happy that you got to spend time together. You both look so happy. Hope the rest of this week is as nice as your weekend was.

Vicki Dutcher said...

It was so great to be able to see you! I knew CJ & Dutch would hit it off -- You look fabulous!! :)

Cheri said...

Great photo of some very awesome ladies!!

Donna Phelan said...

How FUN for you two to get to meet up! That's the BEST!!!

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