Monday, April 13, 2015

4-13-2015 A Tea Bag Holder for a sweet friend

I followed the GKD .pdf file to make this, and it includes to tea bags.  A whole lot of fun to create and I can't wait until I give it to my sweet friend, A great little and easy book to make that holds the tea bags.  You can make one too!  Here is the link to the instructions: Tricia is so talented.  
I hope you make one too!

These are so much fun to make I decided to make another.  For this one, I will decide on a GKD focal point soon to add to the front.

  Make some of these and you will have a good time making them, and you too will find an addictive project!
This is what the inside looks like, holding two tea bags!


Vicki Dutcher said...

Fun small gifts!

Cheri said...

These are great, Karen! I'll have to check out this tutorial and make some too.

sillygirl said...

Love this idea!!!!

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