Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5.31.2017 Playing with the new camera

These are fake cactus that I made by painting flagstone rocks from the garden and then stamped the little white flowers from a Gina K stamp set. 
I arranged them all in a bowl of sand to decorate the table on the outdoor porch.  I did make this arrangement last summer, but I needed to take a photo with my new camera, for practice. 
No card pictures today though! I am going out to lunch with 2 of the girls I graduated from high school with so many years ago.  I am so grateful that so many of us stay in touch,  We were from the last Class to graduate, before the school closed and was torn down.    

Here is also one I took, of one of my cats.


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Cheri said...

Great photos and I love the DYI cacti! What paint did you use on the stones?

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