Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sun. Dec. 4, 2011 2 more Ornament Boxes

It's was a long and grueling Saturday, as I write this post. Sheesh- connecting a new pc (with a new operating system) was more problematic than we thought it would be. We did it, with only one run to Best Buy for a needed switch box to hook up 2 computers, and 2 printers to one monitor and 1 set of speakers.  Yay, it's completed now!!!!
  But before we started that, we did head out to see the Charity Christmas tree I made the ornaments for.  Those were the ones I shared with you a few weeks back.  It was fun to see all 9 of mine on the tree.  There were approximately 15 trees on display!!! Fun, and they were all unique and very pretty.

Here are photos of two box ornaments.  I made 12 in total, and will show you the rest in the coming days.I made both of these roses.  The first box was entered into the PTI  challenge, to pleat some ribbon.

 Thank you for stopping by!!!   ....Karen

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Cheri said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your gift boxes! Your roses are gorgeous and I really love the change in design you gave each box. Fabulous art, Karen.

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